Feb. 28th, 2011


Feb. 28th, 2011 09:12 am
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I'm going to miss our local Borders. It was the centerpiece of our life in DeKalb for our first few years here. I'll admit, we stopped going there about a year ago. Once they purged their in-store inventory and made the staff push certain books (no, we're really not interested in a copy of Meyer's The Host), it just made us feel sad.

When Borders first opened in Naperville when I was in my late teens, I felt the surge of true love. For the first time in my bibliophilic life, I had a bookstore that actually sold the books I wanted buy. Not mention the videos and CDs! The prices weren't great, but I could find amazing things.

I never felt that way about Barnes & Noble. It always felt more corporate and sterile to me.

I was also never a great lover of independent bookstores (except for some used bookstores and Pages for All Ages in Champaign/Savoy)). I rarely lived near one, and most of them never sold things I wanted to buy. I wasn't one who lamented when the boxstores put the crappier ones out of business.

After years of mismanagement chronicled throughout the web, Borders has declared bankruptcy and our local store is one of the first to die in a giant wave of store closures. Lots of good people are out of work and a tactile way of shopping is gone from my life (I'm sucking it in and shopping at B&N now).

Amazon is convenient, but it will never replace the experience of browsing a shelf and discovering a treasure.


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