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Yesterday kicked my ass. Not necessarily in a bad way, but I’m really tired today. Yesterday went like this:

1- Brought Caitlin to school.
2- Went to Panera and worked on the novel.
3- Came home and packed Caitlin’s portable feeding pump.
4- Picked Cait up from school, and we went to a lunch meeting for the City of DeKalb Advisory Commission on Disabilities. It went well.
5- We left the restaurant and drove 45 minutes to the Elgin Easter Seals for Caitlin’s occupational therapy appointment. She went on the swing and worked on the computer. Caitlin had fun.
6- Drove back home for dinner.
7- I had an hour and half teleconference with the 9th Biennial Aicardi Syndrome Family Conference Agenda Subcommittee. The schedule is starting to take shape.
8- Bed.

Today should be a little better. I’m writing at home since the weather is finally good enough for the gutter guy to come back to work. This is especially important since I currently have no gutters.
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It’s been fairly quiet around here. Caitlin has been happy and *knock on wood* healthy. There hasn’t been much news about my grandmother. The snow continues its assault on the Midwest, but there’s not much I can do about that.

My week has revolved around conference planning. Registration goes live on the Aicardi Syndrome Family Conference this weekend. This means there’s been about 100,000 emails this week between the committee members to iron out all of the kinks. Things look good, and we should be ready to go.

WisCon also put up their programming sign-up this week. I’m chuffed that they took my panel suggestion. Now hopefully they’ll let me be a panelist. :)

The Odyssey Con schedule is getting finalized. [livejournal.com profile] rarelylynne and I are really looking forward to it. We can use the escape, even though it will be work for both of us. I'm going to be wicked busy, so it should be fun.
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I am sitting on our big, red couch during a nice morning lull. Caitlin is still asleep. It’s time for her to be awake, but I’m letting her sleep in after a long and frustrating week (I really wish that I could publicly rant about what happened). Anyway, I would hate to wake her up into a seizure.

I’m back to cranking on the novel. It went well this week. I was only able to write 5000 more words, but that isn’t bad considering all of the other Caitlin business I needed to handle. After working on some short story revisions, though, I decided I wasn’t quite ready to workshop at Windycon. There are a lot of problems in my writing that I am finding on my own. I’m afraid I’m still too rusty to get anything other than discouragement from a workshop. My new goal is to be ready to workshop by Wiscon.

There is one last piece of business from Geek.kon. There are now pictures up on the website. The thumbnail on the main page is of the SF/F panel. That picture shows Tor Senior Editor Jim Frenkel, Hugo-winner Joan Vinge, Spectrum-winner Sarah Monette, Quill-winner Patrick Rothfuss, and my smiling face. I hope that this is one of those happy omens of things to come.

Hinted at announcements should be coming in the next couple of weeks. Next week I will be able to announce the location and dates for the Aicardi Syndrome Family Conference. The Board has the contract, and I don’t foresee any problems. I will be very happy to get this behind me. It’s been a lot of thankless work. I have no idea how some people can chair conventions year after year without cracking.

Lars let me know that the book that I am working on for Mad Norwegian Press will be announced by mid-November at the latest. I can’t wait for the throngs of fans that will surround me at the Chicago TARDIS convention. ;)

Well, I hear the girl singing, so it’s time to put back on my caregiver hat...


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