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Apparently, [livejournal.com profile] rarelylynne liked my Christmas present. :D

I can't thank [livejournal.com profile] jigglykat enough for letting us give her amazing Torchwood nesting dolls a good home.

Lynne gave me The Black Guardian Trilogy and a Davros figure. All is good in the world.

The ice storm is over. We were very lucky. Unlike 5,800 other households in DeKalb, we kept our power. The falling tree limbs also only fell onto the street. It's now above freezing, so all of the ice should be gone by Christmas.

Today is our traditional watch a lot of holiday television day. Tomorrow, we're off to my aunt's house for Christmas with my family.

I hope that everybody who celebrates has a wonderful holiday. If you don't celebrate, I hope that you at least have a nice couple of days off. :-)
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To all of my friends who celebrate, Merry Christmas!!!

It's been a quiet morning around here. We came downstairs to the music of Bing Crosby. Opening gifts just doesn't feel right without Bing.

Since we got the big family gift yesterday, Santa was modest this morning. Caitlin got some Star Wars Galactic Heroes figures, The Clone Wars movie, Camp Rock on DVD and a Camp Rock Demi Lovato doll.

[livejournal.com profile] rarelylynne got her Mamma Mia! and The Torchwood Archives book by Gary Russell. She's currently engrossed. She bought me the Barry Letts's memoir Who & Me and an OMG stuffed Adipose!

I've now ingested too much candy (as is my tradition). Caitlin is watching her stars in the Disney Christmas Parade. What did Disney Channel do before Auto-Tune technology?

This afternoon we will go see me family for gifts and food. It should be pretty low-key. This is the first Christmas without and my grandmother, and it's hitting my family pretty hard.


Dec. 21st, 2008 10:33 am
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We're all huddled under blankets on the coldest day of the year. It's currently -7 out with a wind chill of -35. We have a Blizzard Warning until 6 PM.

It kind of sucks out there.

Today will be a day of holiday sloth. All of our Christmas shopping is just about finished. We have no plans. [livejournal.com profile] rarelylynne is engrossed by RTD's The Writer's Tale. I'm adventuring with [livejournal.com profile] jimhines's Jig. Caitlin is watching a Cartoon Network Christmas Marathon.

All in all, things are pretty good. Later, we will eat stew and watch the Muppets.
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After a week of a mega-cold that followed her big seizure, Caitlin is finally feeling better. She had a good day at school. At least she will get in a week of work before the holiday break. This also means that I will finally get to work on some writing this week. The lack of production is making my brain go peculiar.

Like much of the country, we were hit by a cold front last night. I have to say, the new windows are really making a difference. We barely felt the 40 degree temperature plummet last night.

There's not much else going on around here. Tonight we will be making up holiday cards. With luck, they may reach people early next week.

Just finished reading: The Writer's Tale by Russell T Davies and Ben Cook
Currently reading: Goblin Hero by Jim C. Hines
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It’s been a while since I blogged, but not for bad reasons. I have actually been taking a break. I can’t remember the last time that Lynne, Caitlin, and I did this. We’ve just been luxuriating at home, watching TV, listening to music, and reading. I’m beginning to feel recharged.

Christmas was nice. The family got together in low-key fashion. Prezzies were exchanged, and all was well in the world.

Boxing day was spent with our friends [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] and [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] enjoying Bond films and the RiffTrax version of Glitter. Much fun was had.

Fluid Links work was busy with many discussions between the writers and editor. I’ve also been doing a serious rethink of the last third of the novel. I think that I have fixed some problems, and I now have a solid outline for the last four chapters.

The Bears played well today, not that it matters.

The Cubs first spring training game is February 29.

Go Cubs!!!

Fukudome Fever, Catch It!!!

Just Finished Reading: Small Gods by Terry Pratchett
Currently Reading: Dragon Champion by E. E. Knight
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May the Force be with you. Always.
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6- The Venture Brothers- “A Very Venture Christmas”
Eleven minutes of brilliance. Like the series, it somehow mashes up everything pop culture while never feeling like a mere parody show.

5- Xena: Warrior Princess- “A Solstice Carol”
It’s just a lot of cheeky Xena fun as all of our modern tropes are transported into Xena’s mythic Greece.

4- The Avengers- “Too Many Christmas Trees”
Rarely in cult television is the Christmas episode one of the best episodes of the series (note the lack of Buffy and Angel on this list). This is one of the greatest Avengers episodes ever. It’s fun and creepy. Steed gets great lines, and Emma gets to beat people up. There’s even a great Honor Blackman joke.

3- “A Charlie Brown Christmas”
It’s still smart, cynical, funny, and topical. We always dance to “Linus and Lucy.” Lynne and I still know every line.

2- Doctor Who- “The Christmas Invasion”
Brilliant. One of the strongest introductory episodes for a Doctor ever. David Tennant is marvelous, and Billie Piper is exquisite. It’s funny, exciting, and full of Christmassy goodness.

1- “A Muppet Family Christmas”
This is Christmas. Everything Jim Henson brought together in one fantastic special. Kermit and Robin meet the Fraggles! Big Bird meets the Swedish Chef! Christmas music and laughs throughout. It is a perfect special. I dare you not to tear up when Jim Henson shows up at the end.


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