Crazy Week

Jan. 14th, 2010 01:52 pm
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I'm sooooo tired. Cait had one of her stuffy/barfy nights. She's fine now, but it means no school today. Lots of little things are happening around here.

1- [ profile] rarelylynne was interviewed by our local paper about the Comic Art exhibit she's curating at The NIU Art Museum. It's pretty neat. I'm just waiting for her Locus interview. ;-)

2- I was digging through my old papers when I found an autographed flier from The Second City touring company event that came to my high school (IMSA) in 1991. I remember getting autographs on the off chance that they became famous one day. As it turns out, one of the autographs is from Paul Dinello (Strangers with Candy). He made it out "To The Special Kids." That's pretty cool. Even cooler, the autograph under his is from STEPHEN COLBERT. I wish I remembered the show better.

3- Cait's Make-A-Wish has become complicated again. As you might remember, we switched it to Disney World after waiting nine months for Demi Lovato. Unfortunately, this change moves Caitlin out of the queue and onto the wait list since they've reached the maximum number of kids for the fiscal year ending in September (they treat your second choice as a brand new wish). If two kids drop out, Caitlin will go to Disney in the spring. If not, we have to wait until September.

4- Lynne will be at ALA in Boston from Friday to Tuesday. This sucks, especially since that means I have to handle the girl by myself during my friend Scott's memorial event on Saturday.

5- A special child Caitlin knew passed away over the break. :(
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Some things I'm thinking about today (other than that pesky new short story)...

1- I am really getting the urge to volunteer for convention programming at one of my regular cons. I did it once upon a time for the AS Family Conference. Since I attend so many conventions, I have developed strong opinions about what I like and dislike about their different programming practices. I realize that everybody is working very hard to get it right, but there are some things that just drive me up a wall. I find myself grumbling and thinking, "Maybe I should put my money where my mouth is and volunteer." [ profile] rarelylynne has told me that she will smother me in my sleep if I actually do this. :-)

2- I need to do some yard work, but we've had a constant drizzle for the last couple of days.

3- We're researching netbooks. If anybody out there has any advice, please let us know.

4- I got this commercial from [ profile] matociquala and [ profile] truepenny. It might be the greatest thing ever made.

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I saw this on the WGN Morning News today. I don't know what to say.

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Pro Baseball + Furries = Good Times


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