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Caitlin had one of her barfy nights last night. It was the first one at home for quite some time. She's okay, but [livejournal.com profile] rarelylynne and I are exhausted.

1- As I mentioned in previous posts, Caitlin has a bunch of doctor's appointments at Children's Memorial Hospital tomorrow morning. This means more long drives and probably more bad news. I'm fairly certain that her scoliosis is much worse. One of these years, we will get the news that they need to do surgery. Hopefully, that's still five years away.

2- We're ecstatic about the new series of Torchwood coming to Starz and BBC 1. It sounds like it will be a lot more like X-Files, but with RTD's wonderful madness. I'm hoping that John will convince them to film an episode in Chicago, his almost hometown. I can almost see the pterodactyl flying around the Loop.

3- At WisCon, I cracked a joke about starting a "Dunk the Patriarchy" fundraiser. Here's my plan: get a dunk tank, invite certain Internet unpopular people to sit in it, and watch the large lines form to have a chance to dunk them. Finally, split the money between charities like the Tiptree Award and Con or Bust. The more I think about it, the more I'm certain this would work. It might also be kind of cathartic for everyone involved. Now all we need is a good sport who doesn't mind getting dunked for charity. :-)

4- I'm finally reading the Buffy Season 8 comics. Meh. The first collection did nothing for me. The second is better, but I'm still not feeling the love for it the way I did with the TV series.

5- I'm going to try to write in the Doctor Who dining room this afternoon while checking in on Caitlin every 5 minutes. Wish me luck. :-)
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If you are going to San Diego Comic-Con, I officially hate your guts. :)

12:00-1:00 Doctor Who—Writer Russell T Davies
(Doctor Who), executive producer Julie Gardner
(Torchwood), and writer Steven Moffat (Doctor
Who) discuss their creative process and experience working on the
BBC's Doctor Who—Britain's most successful sci-fi
franchise—with exclusive clips and a Q&A session. Ballroom 20

1:00-2:00 Torchwood—Writer Russell T Davies
(Doctor Who), executive producer Julie Gardner
(Torchwood), writer Steven Moffat (Doctor Who),
and actors John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd, Naoko Mori and Burn
Gorman discuss their creative process and
experience on working on BBC America's
highest-rated show ever—Torchwood— followed by a Q&A session. Ballroom 20
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I am now even more jealous of Lars and [livejournal.com profile] christapolis. Gareth David Lloyd has been added to the the guest list at Dragon*Con. This is in addition to James Marsters.

I wonder if they will end up doing the Torchwood panel with him. :)


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