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How the hell is it 2011 already?!?! Seriously, it feels like we just did that whole Millennium thing. I am not a fan of this whole time-moving-quicker-as-I-get-older thing.

We had a quiet evening last night. Caitlin spent most of the morning crying every 20 minutes due to cramping and soreness. Thankfully, she felt better by the afternoon. Lynne and I "celebrated" New Year's Eve with Chinese food and awful television. At least we were together and not in a hospital. We should have friends stopping by today and tomorrow. That will be nice.

2010 was a phenomenal year for us. Like any year, it had highs and lows.

The bad:

1- My grandfather passed away.
2- Caitlin's hip surgery.
3- My big nonfiction commission was put on indefinite hiatus.
4- I didn't write anything good enough for publication.

The wonderful:

1- Caitlin stayed healthy and had a successful surgery.
2- We continued to have amazing friendships and met some new wonderful people.
3- Chicks Dig Time Lords was a major success for Lynne and Tara, leading to book signings, our first Gallifrey One convention, fanart, fanvids, interviews, convention guest invitations, and fantastic reviews. We even impressed a few famous people who worked on the show. It's been an phenomenal ride.
4- I met all of my writing goals and completed another novel.
5- Lynne and Deb finished Whedonistas.
6- The NIU SF collection grew and Lynne was even interviewed for Locus.
7- Caitlin rocked her communication device and had a smooth transition to a new school.
8- We went on an amazing Make-A-Wish trip.
9- Lynne started two SEEKRIT PROJECTS that will be big deals in the next couple of months.

2010 was a magical year for us. Let's hope 2011 continues this trend.

We couldn't have done it without all of you. Thank you for your love and support last year. You made us feel like the richest people in Bedford Falls. :-)
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After all of last weekend's insanity, we're talking a break. As a family, we have accomplished almost nothing all weekend. It's a wonderful thing. :-)

So what have we done with our weekend off? We've read comics and watched Buffy and Doctor Who DVDs. We almost feel like fans again. ;-)

Caitlin remains a major Sarah Jane fangirl. She watched The Monster of Peladon and The Masque of Mandragora for the first time and squeed every time Sarah did something cool. Like you do.

I'm probably going to work this afternoon on some critiques I owe. If I'm feeling virtuous, I might sneak out to the coffeehouse for another round of writing.
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Caitlin had one of her barfy nights last night. It was the first one at home for quite some time. She's okay, but [livejournal.com profile] rarelylynne and I are exhausted.

1- As I mentioned in previous posts, Caitlin has a bunch of doctor's appointments at Children's Memorial Hospital tomorrow morning. This means more long drives and probably more bad news. I'm fairly certain that her scoliosis is much worse. One of these years, we will get the news that they need to do surgery. Hopefully, that's still five years away.

2- We're ecstatic about the new series of Torchwood coming to Starz and BBC 1. It sounds like it will be a lot more like X-Files, but with RTD's wonderful madness. I'm hoping that John will convince them to film an episode in Chicago, his almost hometown. I can almost see the pterodactyl flying around the Loop.

3- At WisCon, I cracked a joke about starting a "Dunk the Patriarchy" fundraiser. Here's my plan: get a dunk tank, invite certain Internet unpopular people to sit in it, and watch the large lines form to have a chance to dunk them. Finally, split the money between charities like the Tiptree Award and Con or Bust. The more I think about it, the more I'm certain this would work. It might also be kind of cathartic for everyone involved. Now all we need is a good sport who doesn't mind getting dunked for charity. :-)

4- I'm finally reading the Buffy Season 8 comics. Meh. The first collection did nothing for me. The second is better, but I'm still not feeling the love for it the way I did with the TV series.

5- I'm going to try to write in the Doctor Who dining room this afternoon while checking in on Caitlin every 5 minutes. Wish me luck. :-)
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Hey, we had a day off!

[livejournal.com profile] rarelylynne decided that the Thomas family should have some fun on Saturday.

1- We saw Iron Man 2. It delivered on our expectations. My inner 12-year-old loved it. In my youth, my comics of choice all involved the Avengers (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, the West Coast Avengers). I had no interest in the Mutant titles. Many years later, I'm very happy to see the essence of what I enjoyed transformed into amazing action films. Caitlin loved the fights and explosions, and Lynne shipped Tony and Pepper like Fed Ex. Good times. The only thing that sucked was the theater eliminated its free-pass program for people in wheelchairs. Since they collect money for the Children's Miracle Network (which includes Children's Memorial Hospital), I momentarily considered asking the manager for Caitlin's cut instead.

2- The rest of the day involved eating, reading, lounging around, and watching Season 1 of Buffy. Caitlin really enjoyed the whole Buffy/Angel thing in the episode "Angel." I think Cait wants to be a Slayer when she grows up.

3- Since we live in THE FUTURE, Lynne and I kicked back with some wine and the live stream from the Nebula Awards after we put Cait to bed. We really wanted to be there, but this was almost as good. We realized how embedded we are in the community last night. The very first thing we saw was [livejournal.com profile] shsilver working his tux. For some reason, the cam stayed on [livejournal.com profile] justbeast and [livejournal.com profile] yuki_onna for most of the banquet. Lynne and Cat exchanged a couple of OMG texts, prompting Cat and Dmitri to wave at us and [livejournal.com profile] tobiasbuckell who was doing the same thing with Cat on Twitter (yes, we are all tech goobers in the Gen X/Y SF scene).

It was a lovely ceremony. It seemed like every couple of minutes we would get excited because one of our peeps showed up on camera. It's Mary! It's David! It's Jack! Kathleen's there!

We were ecstatic that Cat and Kage won. Our only regret was, of course, that Kage didn't live long enough to finally get the major award she so deserved.

4- Remember all of those blogs a couple of years ago about how women, PoC,and Gen Xers weren't winning the major SF awards? It's probably too early to dub this a sea change, but it's certainly a promising trend.


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