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I am married to the hottest rare book librarian in the world (Lynne), and I'm the primary caregiver for my special needs daughter, Caitlin. We live in a cute little house with our cat Marie. Caitlin has a rare congenital disorder called Aicardi syndrome ( I work with her and coordinate the dozens of doctors, teachers, therapists, and providers who help with her care.

I am also an advocate for children with special needs. I serve on the City of DeKalb Advisory Commission on Disabilities. The Advisory Commission works to improve the City of DeKalb for all of its citizens with disabilities. I was on the planning committee for the 8th Biennial Aicardi Syndrome Family Conference, and I served as co-chair for LINC (a local networking organization for providers and parents of children with special needs).

I'm a flunky for the spectacular folks at Mad Norwegian Press ( I was an Associate Editor for the Angel guidebook Redeemed and the Doctor Who books About Time 6, About Time 3 (Second Edition), Time, Unincorporated (Vol. 1: Lance Parkin), AHistory (Second Edition), and Chicks Dig Time Lords.

I'm likewise an aspiring SF/F writer. I've written two novels and a few short stories. I've also had articles in the Hugo-nominated fanzine Argentus and the Doctor Who fanzine Enlightenment.

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