Nov. 30th, 2009 02:34 pm
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I have two pieces in the new issue of [ profile] shsilver's Hugo-nominated fanzine Argentus. The first is an essay about [ profile] yuki_onna's Palimpsest tour. The second is a Mr. Ed/The Vampire Diaries mash-up for the Mock section.

Here is a list of all of the contributors:

Alma Alexander, James Bacon, Gregory Benford, Sheryl Birkhead, Michael A. Burstein, Richard Chwedyk, Julie E, Czerneda, Sondra de Jong, Kurt Erichsen, Brad W. Foster, Chris Garcia, Ann Green, Steve Green, John Helfers, Janis Ian, Howard Andrew Jones, Deb Kosiba, Nancy Kress, Jay Lake, Fred Lerner, David D. Levine, Sue Mason, Jack McDevitt, Robert Rede, Mike Resnick, Ralph Roberts, William Rotsler, Larry Sanderson, Steven H Silver, Robert Silverberg, Tom Smith, MO Starkey, Michael D. Thomas, Harry Turtledove, Taral Wayne, Brianna SpaceKat Wu, Joel Zakem
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The new issue of [ profile] shsilver's fanzine Argentus is now online.
[ profile] rarelylynne and I are both in this issue. Last year's issue was nominated for a Hugo Award.

Featured in this issue:

Cover by delphyne woods
Hard Right, by Paul Kincaid
TAFF Report, by Chris Garcia
The Residence of the Wind (Japan Report) by John Hertz
My State's Politics, by Steven H Silver
Why Sexy, Studly Vampires Suck, by Pat Sayre McCoy
Notes from Film School, by Zachary Charney Cohen
Dusting for Fingerprints..., by Diana Pavlac Glyer
An Interview with Michael Burstein
How Steven H Silver Helped Save the Archives of at Least 15 Authors for Posterity, by Lynne Thomas
My Must See List, by Daniel Kimmel
Errors and Omissions, by Fred Lerner
Launchpad 2008, by Alma Alexander
Local History, by Steven Silver
Mock Section, by Matthew Appleton, Jim C. Hines, Rich Horton, Jay Lake, John Teehan, and Michael D. Thomas

Sheryl Birkhead
Brad Foster
Trinlay Khadro
Deb Kosiba
William Rotsler
Taral Wayne
delphyne woods
Brianna Spacekat Wu
Frank Wu
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It was a strange little week. When [ profile] rarelylynne’s away, I just don’t have much energy for anything other than watching Caitlin. It’s a giant chore when I’m doing it by myself. At least Caitlin had a good week.

There’s not much else to report. I spent today writing a quick pinch-hit piece for one of my favorite fanzines. It looks like a few of my friends will also have something in that issue.

We did manage to work our way through all of the special features in The Trial of a Time Lord boxset. The documentaries are exquisite. It’s a tough era to cover, but I think they did a good, evenhanded job. I’m amazed at how angry I still am at the BBC. In honor of the boxset, here’s the video for “Doctor in Distress.”

Have a super weekend!


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