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On the plus side, Caitlin hasn't thrown up since last night. We didn't give her an overnight feed, so hopefully we can reintroduce her feeds later today. On the minus side, Caitlin woke up with a big seizure. She's now sleeping off her Diastat.

In other news, Molly the kitten seems to have herpes conjunctivitis in her left eye. Lucky for us, the vet was willing diagnose it over the phone. I'm very happy that I don't have to figure out a way to transport Caitlin and the kitten to the vet today. [livejournal.com profile] rarelylynne is going to pick up some ointment on the way home.

From the not everything sucks files, many of our friends and the fans of [livejournal.com profile] eeknight have contributed to the RAMP Wheel-A-Thon. We're only $165 short of our fundraising goal. The Wheel-A-Thon is tomorrow, so there's still time to make a donation.
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The Bad:
Caitlin has a bad cold. This is hardly a shock in the first month of Kindergarten. Unfortunately, the cold induced some vomiting last night at about 2 AM. So somebody scored herself a sick day. Cartoons should make everything better.

The Good:
Saturday is the RAMP Wheel-A-Thon. This is a big deal around here. RAMP provides many services for people with disabilities in DeKalb County. They are the only advocates around making sure the system doesn’t crush people who often have trouble being heard. They enable people with disabilities to get the same opportunities for school, employment, and housing. They’re a wonderful organization. In our case, they made sure that the school followed the law for Caitlin’s services and equipment.

The Wheel-A-Thon is their big fundraiser each year. In these bad economic times, fundraisers are very important for non-profit social service organizations. They just can’t depend on those government dollars. I realize that everybody is tight this year, but it would be wonderful if members of my f-list could just donate a few dollars each. It all adds up.

One of our good friends, [livejournal.com profile] eeknight, has become very active in fundraising for the Wheel-A-Thon. He’s a damn fine writer and a helluva guy. Not only did he donate to the Wheel-A-Thon, he’s also sending signed books to the top donors.

If you’re interested in giving, you can make an online donation.

Here is an article in our local paper about the Wheel-A-Thon:

In other Caitlin news, she is going to be part of an Easter Seals photography exhibit on October 22. They sent a professional photographer to the house a couple of months back. I’m very excited to see how the photos turned out.
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I am sitting here poking my daughter, Seizure McGulicuty, to keep her from falling back to sleep. I got very little writing done this morning. Caitlin woke up with a spasm at 6:15 AM. It was only for three minutes, but she’s now out of it. That pretty much, understandably, spoils my muse. I was able to flesh out the plotting of the next chapter in my novel, so that’s all good.

Lynne is only working this morning. She’s coming home this afternoon to help program the Dynavox with Caitlin’s Speech Therapist. It will be nice to have her home. It also gives me a chance to spend the afternoon at Panera doing revisions.

I’m currently reading through a new Mad Norwegian Press manuscript. It’s another hefty, quality book on Doctor Who that looks great.

Yesterday we had a nice evening out with our friends Sarah and David. Italian food and Borders are good for the soul. I finally got the new New Pornographers album. It is much gentler than the previous albums. I like it, but I really need to listen to it a few more times on the ole’ iPod to pick up its subtleties. Lynne picked up Dead Sexy by Tate Hallaway. She is becoming a giddy fangirl for this series. I’ve heard her recommend the first book, Tall, Dark & Dead, to a good dozen people.

Tomorrow is RAMP's Wheel-A-Thon. If any of our peeps are near DeKalb at 11 AM, please come out and walk/wheel with us. We are very proud of our little Grand Marshall, and it’s an important local organization. We certainly are very thankful for their educational advocacy. I can’t begin to tell you how important it is for there to be an organization that will help people with disabilities fight for their rights.


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